Cause of Wyoming group tries to make a case for paper ballots and hand counting ballots to the Sweetwater County Commissioners


Cause of Wyoming advocates tried to make case for returning to a paper ballot and hand counting elections system in Sweetwater County.

Wyo4News staff, [email protected]

December 19, 2023 — The Cause of Wyoming group, which is affiliated with the national group called Cause of America, tried to make their case at the Sweetwater County Commissioners meeting on Dec. 19th for switching from our current voting system to a paper ballot system where ballots would be hand counted instead of being run through counting machines which Sweetwater County currently has in place.

Cause of Wyoming advocates Jeff Ramaj, Greg Penfold, Donna Guillen, & President Patty Junek, from Gillette, Wyoming, took turns presenting their “Election Integrity Proposal” to the Commissioners, arguing their case for switching back to the old paper ballots and hand counting system. The advocates quoted data from physicist Dr. Douglas Frank, who has testified before Congress about security issues with voting machines, and they showed a PowerPoint presentation to the Commissioners.

Regarding Wyoming’s election system, the Cause of Wyoming President Patty Junek stated, “Regardless of the narrative that “our machines are not connected to the internet,” who can PROVE that? Why would we ever trust technology when it is well known and PROVEN that technology has invaded every aspect of our lives?”

The other members of the Cause of Wyoming group spoke during a PowerPoint presentation about claims that all electronic and computer vote-counting machines are connected to the internet despite assurances that the machines have no modems and are definitely NOT connected to the internet, therefore opening them up to being hacked. In the presentation, they stated that “Election management systems are not adequately protected, and they are not always properly isolated from the Internet. Attackers who compromise an election management system can remotely spread vote-stealing malware to large numbers of machines.”


In response to the Cause of Wyoming’s presentation, Commissioner Mary E. Thoman stated, “I just want to point out to our constituents that we do have paper ballots, and we do have paper poll books.” Thoman said, “I don’t do my bookkeeping on a spreadsheet with a pencil anymore, I went to QuickBooks. And at the family ranch, we can’t count a herd of sheep and get the same answer by hand count, and that’s the problem.”

Then Commissioner Island Richards stated, “We have electronic equipment that is backed up by paper ballots. We’re not voting on the screens that we saw in your presentation, which could change those votes. We’re voting on paper ballots.” Richards said, “I have looked at and tracked Sweetwater County voting trends for years, and there are leaps of conclusions in those that aren’t backed up by any facts. The presentation (presented by the Cause of Wyoming group) has so many logical fallacies in it that it’s hard to take seriously.”

Commissioner Island Richards went on to explain that Wyoming has more than 100% turnout in our elections because it’s different from Motor Voter registration because we allow people to register to vote at the polls. After the Commissioners’ comments, the entire Cause of Wyoming group got up and left the meeting.