City-Wide Cleanup Month in Rock Springs taking place in May


ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (April 28, 2020) — The month of May is recognized as City-Wide Cleanup Month in Rock Springs. Dr. Jean Stachon, Incident Command/CHO has endorsed the cleanup, but recommends safe practices and social distancing with respect to an anticipated resurgence of COVID-19.


Families, groups, and clubs are invited to pick an area and clean-it-up. Residents are asked to keep separated and use PPE such as masks, heavy gloves, and thick clothing. Call the Chamber of Commerce at, 307-362-3771 and let them know what area you are cleaning up so the chamber can direct residents to untouched areas. You can also call to arrange to pick up empty bags before you start.

After cleaning an area, the chamber asks you to place the filled bags in a conspicuous and easy to access area for the city employees to pick up.


Please take pictures of the work you do and send a photo of filled bags to [email protected] and post your photos on social media – with a challenge to your friends to try and pick up more trash than you did.

This event has gathered an estimated 1,082 tons of garbage over the past 16 years.