Closing arguments heard on day four of murder trial



June 20, 2024 — Wyo4News

The trial of Rene Daniels, accused of fatally running over her ex-boyfriend Emiliano “Chico” Morales III with her car, heard closing arguments today. The incident occurred on May 24, 2023, at the 9th Street Kum N’ Go parking lot in Rock Springs. Daniels faces charges of Second Degree Murder and Aggravated Homicide by Vehicle.


Dan Erramouspe, representing the state, opened the day. He reminded the jury of their duty to decide if Daniels acted with malice and intent. Erramouspe revisited the evidence, implying that Daniels had the option to brake but seemingly chose not to when she hit Morales. Furthermore, he highlighted that Morales, hearing the sound of a car on gravel, would have instinctively moved away.

Moving forward, Erramouspe discussed the witnesses, questioning any motive for dishonesty. He suggested that Daniels had months to refine her story, a chance Morales, now deceased, did not have. With this, he urged the jury to convict, arguing that Daniels acted out of malice and anger.


H. Michael Bennett, defending Daniels, highlighted Morales’ past domestic abuse towards Daniels. He argued that Daniels, a perpetual victim, feared for her life and acted instinctively. Next, Bennett highlighted the fact that Morales was intoxicated during the incident, evidenced by a blood-alcohol content of .17.

Continuing, Bennett scrutinized the witness testimonies, citing inaccuracies and lack of detail. Additionally, he suggested that Daniels still loves Morales. Finishing his argument, Bennett concluded by stating the presence of reasonable doubt and urged the jury to return a not guilty verdict.

With the closing arguments heard, the jury retired for deliberation, and the court adjourned. Stay tuned to Wyo4News for updates on the verdict.