Commissioners Approve County Early Retirement Program


The Sweetwater County Board of County Commissioners approved an early retirement program during their regularly scheduled meeting today.

The early retirement, or  Voluntary Separation Program, provides the opportunity for County departments to reduce staff through voluntary reductions. The approval of this program comes as Sweetwater County expects to receive about $3.7 million less in revenue for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Voluntary Separation Program will provide participating County employees with the option to receive a one-time benefit of $30,000 if they retire from their position.

Once employees leave their positions for early retirement, department heads would be required to get Commissioner approval before filling the open position. To save funds, the Commissionners will only fill positions needed for the department to operate.

In the approved program, participants may choose to receive the $30,000 as a cash benefit or health insurance benefit.

All full-time County employees who have worked for Sweetwater County Government at least eight years are eligible for the program. Those who work for the various component units of the county like the Museum, Events Complex, Southwest Counseling, Recreation Department, and Library, are not eligible for the program but may have similar options provided by their corresponding boards.

Those seeking to participate in the program will be required to execute a Voluntary Separation Agreement and Release before June 18, 2017 at 5 p.m. and will be required to leave employment no later than August 31, 2017 or another date otherwise authorized.