Commissioners Approve Disbursement of Title 25 Funds To Hospital


During their regularly scheduled meeting today, the Sweetwater County Commissioners unanimously approved to pay over $650,000 to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County for Title 25 funding.

County funding to the hospital for Title 25 was previously on hold pending a meeting to discuss fund disbursement. Title 25 refers to funding for those who are admitted for court ordered treatment who are a danger to themselves and/or others. The county is required to pay for the first 72 hours of Title 25 care.

After a meeting took place last week, an agreement was reached that the county would pay the amount budgeted—approximately $925,000—for the entire year. If the hospital’s Title 25 needs exceed that amount, the hospital has agreed not to request additional funds.

During the meeting today, the Commissioners agreed to pay the amount currently owed of $657,822.86. The commissioners previously paid over $160,000 for Title 25, leaving just under $105,000 of budgeted funds available for the remainder of the fiscal year.