Community Resiliency Task Force provides statisitics on calls and arrests in Sweetwater County


ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (April 9, 2020) — The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the United States, and Sweetwater County is no exception. Businesses have closed and the economy has slowed to a near stand still until restrictions are lifted. This affects other areas, including law enforcement. Wyo4News wanted to look into the statistics provided by the Community Resiliency Task Force for local law enforcement agencies regarding calls and arrests to see if these numbers had any significant changes due to the pandemic.


The Rock Springs Police Department, Green River Police Department, and Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office provides statistics from February and March of 2020 regarding calls and arrests. Calls from the past two months were higher for the RSPD and SCSO, while GRPD saw a decrease. RSPD went from 2,327 calls to 2,442, and the SCSO went from 1,413 to 1,422. GRPD dropped from 1,194 to 1,133 calls.

Arrests jumped for the RSPD from 87 in February to 101 in March, while the GRPD had a slight increase from 16 to 19 in that same time frame. SCSO numbers decreased going from 65 to 56 during that same time period.


There does not seem to be any specific trend for calls or arrests due to social distancing and restrictions set in place.

The calls by nature can also be found in the document sent to Wyo4News. The full document can be found below.

Download (XLSX, 46KB)