County Museum Director Thanks Volunteers​

Landry Roskelley, at left, of Ogden, Utah, and Dennis Freeman, of Green River, whose topics during this year’s Third Grade History Fair were the story of Native American and mountain man lives and culture.​

Sweetwater County, WY (5/17/19) – Brie Blasi, Executive Director of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River, expressed her special thanks Friday to the volunteers – and others – who participated in this year’s four-day, Third Grade History Fair, which ran from Tuesday, May 14, through Friday, May 17.​


Around 700 students from all over the county participated this year. Each received a guided tour of the museum, reviewed special exhibits and demonstrations about ranching, mining, mountain men, Native Americans, and the railroad at Centennial Park, and participated in hands-on activities grounded in frontier history such as gold panning and making their own butter.​

Among the volunteers who made this year’s event possible:​

  • Kaleigh Shutran​
  • Charles Conway​
  • Tim Savage​
  • Mike Masterson​
  • Dennis Freeman​
  • Landry Roskelley​
  • Richelle Rawlings-Carroll​
  • Lynne Demshar​
  • Diana Wiig​
  • Michele Irwin​
  • Firefighters from the Green River Fire Department​
  • Chris Williams​


Blasi also expressed her appreciation to Brad Raney, Kristine Lessard, and Doug Stewart of Green River Parks & Recreation, for making possible the use of Centennial Park, and Chief Mike Nomis of the Green River Fire Department, for issuing a special fire permit for Landry Roskelly’s Native American tipi, along with special thanks to Bill Taliaferro for the use of his sheep camp.​


Richelle Rawlings-Carroll helped the students brand their own calf with a simulated branding iron.​


Tim Savage talked to the students about the hard work of coal mining.​


Charles Conway and Kaleigh Shutran provided the instruction and the History Fair’s third graders made their own butter, pioneer-style. ​