County Museum launches antique firearms research service


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The Colt Single Action Army revolver, often referred to as the “Peacemaker,” was among the most iconic firearms in American history. This nickel-finish SAA belonged to William A. Johnson, who served as Sheriff of Sweetwater County from 1879 to 1880. People with vintage firearms who wish to learn more about them are encouraged to take advantage of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum’s new firearms research service.

Tyler Johnson, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

SWEETWATER COUNTY, WYOMING (November 18, 2020) — The Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River christened a new service on Wednesday – vintage firearms research.

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“When it comes to guns, ‘vintage’ covers a lot of territory,” said Dick Blust, a museum researcher. “While a Sharps buffalo rifle from the 1870s is beyond question ‘vintage,’ so, in many respects, is a Smith & Wesson revolver manufactured in the 1920s or a Colt Model 1911A1 semi-automatic pistol made during World War II.”

The museum recently researched a badly rusted rifle found years ago in Uinta County that the owner had been unable to determine much about. It turned out to be a Winchester Model 1894 lever-action chambered for the .30 WCF (.30/30) cartridge with a 26-inch octagon barrel manufactured in 1903. The Model 1894, designed by John Moses Browning, was one of the most popular sporting rifles every manufactured; in fact, it’s still in production.

People with a vintage firearm (or firearms) who would like to learn more about them need only contact the museum at (307) 872-6435 or via email at [email protected].

Blust said there will be no charge for the museum’s firearms research service.

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