COVID-19 News Update: November 30, 2021


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November 30, 2021

Worldwide — The new Omicron COVID-19 variant has been a noticeable topic within the world today. According to the CDC, it has not yet been identified within the United States of America to date.

According to WHO, “On 26 November 2021, WHO designated the variant B.1.1.529 a variant of concern, named Omicron, on the advice of WHO’s Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution (TAG-VE). This decision was based on the evidence presented to the TAG-VE that Omicron has several mutations that may have an impact on how it behaves, for example, on how easily it spreads or the severity of illness it causes.” For more information about this variant and others, please visit the World Health Organization website.


The following information is from the Wyoming Department of Health. New updates are posted every day at 3 p.m.


New cases of COVID-19 in Sweetwater County since the last report: 8
Number of new cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming since the last report: 157

The number of lab-confirmed active cases of COVID-19 in Sweetwater County: 51
The number of lab-confirmed active cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming: 903

Total number of variant cases (Delta) in Sweetwater County: 382
Total number of variant cases (All) in Wyoming: 6,778



Total number of COVID-19 related hospitalization in Wyoming: 126
Total number of COVID-19 related hospitalization in Sweetwater County: 1


First Vaccine Doses Administered Statewide (Pfizer/Moderna): 253,584
Second Vaccine Doses Administered Statewide (Pfizer/Moderna): 225,132
Third Vaccine Doses Administered Statewide (Pfizer/Moderna): 65,096

Pediatric Doses Administered Statewide: 3,919

First Vaccine Doses Administered (J&J Janssen): 21,157
Second Vaccine Doses Administered (J&J Janssen): 759

Total Doses Administered: 569,647



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