Wyo4News COVID-19 Update: April 13, 2021


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April 13, 2021

The following information is from the Wyoming Department of Health as of 3 p.m., Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

New cases of COVID-19 in Sweetwater County since the last report: 3
Number of new cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming since the last report: 58

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The number of active cases of COVID-19 in Sweetwater County: 39
The number of active cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming: 980

The number of active cases (and new cases) in neighboring counties: Carbon 11 (3),  Fremont 26 (0), Sublette 15 (3), Lincoln 13 (1), and Uinta 22 (8).

First Vaccine Doses Administered Statewide (Pfizer/Moderna): 160,053
Second Vaccine Doses Administered Statewide (Pfizer/Moderna): 117,086
One-Dose Vaccine Doses Administered (J&J Janssen): 9,950

Effective immediately 4/13/2021, the Wyoming Department of Health asks Wyoming providers to temporarily cease administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pending additional recommendations from the FDA, CDC, and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

If you have received a Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Individuals who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine who develop a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their healthcare provider.

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Total number of COVID-19 cases in Wyoming since the start of the pandemic: 48,287
Total number of COVID-19 recoveries in Wyoming: 47,307

Total number of COVID-19 related hospitalization in Wyoming: 19 as of 4/12/21
Total number of COVID-19 related hospitalization in Sweetwater County: 1 as of 4/12/21

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Wyoming per county: Albany: 3,655, Big Horn: 906, Campbell: 4,281, Carbon: 1,393, Converse: 514, Crook: 395, Fremont: 4,297, Goshen: 1,085, Hot Springs: 269, Johnson: 425, Laramie: 7,370, Lincoln: 1,174, Natrona: 5,873, Niobrara: 67, Park: 2,507, Platte: 399, Sheridan: 2,452, Sublette: 601, Sweetwater: 3,949, Teton: 3,594, Uinta: 1,832, Washakie: 704, Weston: 545.

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Statewide Public Health Orders Extended Two More Weeks

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues, the two remaining related statewide public health orders are being extended for two more weeks, according to the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH).

“While we continue to see stable case numbers and hospitalizations in most areas of the state, our overall progress seems to have plateaued,” said Dr. Alexia Harrist, state health officer and state epidemiologist with WDH. “COVID-19 remains a threat for now, with cases growing in other states.”

Mask use and physical distancing requirements related to educational institutions are remaining in the statewide orders. Indoor events of more than 500 people may be held at 50 percent of venue capacity with certain face mask protocols for large indoor events.

The updated orders, which go into effect April 16 and will remain through April 30, can be found online at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/infectious-disease-epidemiology-unit/disease/novel-coronavirus/covid-19-orders-and-guidance/.

Information about getting a COVID-19 vaccine in Wyoming can be found at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/immunization/wyoming-covid-19-vaccine-information/.

Wyoming offers free at-home COVID-19 testing. More information can be found at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/infectious-disease-epidemiology-unit/disease/novel-coronavirus/covid-19-at-home-testing/.

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