Cowboy Start Final Week Of Fall Practice. Next Week…Game Time Practice


Laramie, Wyo. (Aug. 21, 2017) –  The Wyoming Cowboys began their final week of fall camp on Monday, prior to entering game week next Monday in preparation for the season opener at Iowa on Saturday, September 2nd.  The Cowboys conducted a closed scrimmage this past Saturday that head coach Craig Bohl commented on following Monday’s practice in his meeting with media.


Monday’s Practice Notes

∙Bohl told media that a number of veteran players saw limited action in Saturday’s scrimmage, while the scrimmage provided an opportunity for he and his coaching staff to evaluate a number of younger players.

∙Bohl was pleased with the play of some young defensive and offensive linemen in the scrimmage, particularly freshmen defensive tackles Ravontae Holt and Javaree Jackson and freshman offensive tackle Alonzo Valazquez.

∙The head coach announced a couple of injuries that were sustained in Saturday’s scrimmage — one a shoulder injury to junior wide receiver James Price and the other a knee strain to redshirt sophomore offensive guard Jace Webb.

∙Redshirt senior defensive end Trevor Meader, who has undergone knee surgery the past two seasons, will not be able to continue playing as his knee is not responding well.

∙Attached to these notes is the updated depth chart as of Monday, Aug. 21.

Quoting the Coach (Quotes from Head Coach Craig Bohl)

“We’re certainly excited about where we’re at as we go into another week of fall camp,” said Bohl.  “I thought we had a good scrimmage (on Saturday).  We ran over 100 plays.  We had a couple of injuries. James Price (junior wide receiver) has a nicked up shoulder.  Jace Webb (redshirt freshman offensive guard) has a strained knee.  I thought we made progress.  We certainly had an opportunity to look at a lot of young players and got some clear evaluation there.

“We will release a two deep today for everybody to look at and move forward.”

What do you know about the extent of James Price’s injury?

“Yesterday, he (James Price) had marginal movement,” said Bohl.  “Today it was a lot better, which is encouraging.  I know our sports medicine staff will do their due diligence and come back with a decision.  He fell on it wrong, and anytime that happens and you have some lack of mobility you have to check it out.”

John Bunning Transfer

Was there anything that stood out in the scrimmage?

“There were some really encouraging things with the young defensive linemen,” said Bohl.  “Ravontae Holt and Javaree Jackson (true freshmen defensive tackles) really showed up well.  Along with that, Alonzo Velazquez (true freshman offensive tackle) really played well.

“We are going to start Logan Harris (true freshman center) against Iowa, and that is a big, bold statement.  Here is a guy from Torrington, Wyo., who is going to come in and start in a Big Ten stadium as a freshman.  I’m sure he is going to be tested, but we really feel good about Logan.  He has a real calm demeanor, and I think he played particularly well in our scrimmage.

“Avante Cox (true freshman wide receiver) is another youngster, who took a couple big hits (in the scrimmage) and bounced back.  We’ll play him, and Jared Scott (true freshman wide receiver) is another young man who is from Chicago who we’ll look at playing.

“We limited some reps (in the scrimmage) from some of our other guys.  Logan Wilson (sophomore middle lineabacker) didn’t take very many reps.  Youhanna (Ghaifan, sophomore defensive tackle) didn’t take many reps.  Some of the guys who have proven their capabilities.

“Also we were pleased with Josh (Allen, junior quarterback).  I thought Josh really made some good decisions, and obviously has a strong arm and really good mobility.”

What has led to the emergence of Javaree Jackson as a freshman you plan to play this year?

“First of all, he (Javaree Jackson) came in about 275 to 280 pounds and he was a great shot putter out of high school,” said Bohl.  “That is an indication of explosion and strength.  Both he and Ravontae (Holt) have heavy hands.  We talk about that in defensive linemen.  The guys who have strong, heavy hands it helps their effectiveness in getting off blocks.  Javaree has good movement, and defensive line is a position where you need to play a lot of guys (to keep them fresh), so we were looking for some other potential contributors there.

“We feel really good about Conner Cain (junior nose tackle).  We feel really good about Sid (Malauulu, junior nose tackle), and then we also feel really good about Youhanna (Ghaifan).  But it is going to be important that we have some other guys in there.  Right now Brent Gilliland (sophomore defensive tackle) is going through concussion protocol, and sometimes you’re not sure how quickly those guys will get back, so we felt like it was important to give some meaningful reps to some younger guys see what they could do.  They answered the bell.”

What has led to Logan Harris’s rise into a starting role on the depth chart as a true freshman?

“Logan (Harris) gained about 30 pounds from his high school graduation until now, and it’s been good weight,” said Bohl.  “He’s got a calm demeanor and was ahead of where a typical freshman is.  One of the things that we’ve always believed in is when there is a player who we evaluate who can help us win, we’re going to play them.

“Beyond being a feel-good story about a young man who hails from our state (Torrington, Wyo.), he is a competent, good football player.  This is important to him.  He loves the University of Wyoming.  This was his school from the time we started recruiting him.  We gave him that opportunity to come here and play, and he’s done well.”


As you enter this week, are you more into game-week mode as you get closer to the game at Iowa on Sept. 2 or what will your practice plan be for this week?

“We’re still installing some things.  We’re not in complete game-week mode yet, but we’re certainly getting there,” said Bohl.  “I’m sure Iowa is, as well.  We have a great deal of respect for Iowa.  It will be a big game.  But there are still things for us to continue to work on, and it will be important for us to get some of our injured guys back as we get ready for the season opener.”