Cowboys’ Andrews advances to tonight’s Big 12 finals

Wyoming Cowboy Heavyweight wrestler Brian Andrews will wrestle for the Big 12 championship tonight in Tulsa, OK. Photo Credit: University of Wyoming

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (March 8, 2020) — Wyoming Cowboy heavyweight wrestler Brian Andrews advanced to the championship match at the Big 12 Championships Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Andrews began the day with a solid win against Oklahoma State’s Austin Harris, winning 8-2. He advance to the semifinals with an overtime, 3-1, win over No. 4 seed Carter Isley of Northern Iowa.


Andrews was able to qualify for tonight’s finals with a semifinal win over top-seeded Tate Orndorff of Utah Valley, 7-3 in the second Sudden Victory period. Andrews was able to get an escape and a pair of takedowns in second overtime to best Orndorff. The also automatically qualifies Andrews for the NCAA Championships. He will face No. 2 seeded Gannon Gremmel of Iowa State tonight for the conference crown.

“I came out on top each time and that’s a good thing and now I’m onto the finals”, Andrews commented. “I just have to keep scoring to win tomorrow (Sunday) and ‘score next’ like coach always says. I’m looking forward to it, I have to just keep wrestling hard.”

Wyoming’s Montorie Bridges (133), Stephen Buchanan (197) and Tate Samuelson (184) all advanced to the semi-finals, but lost.


Wyoming Big 12 Championships Individual Results – Day One

Jake Svihel – 125 pounds
Preliminary: No. 6 Daniel Vega (SDSU) MD Svihel (WYO) 8-0
Consolation: Joey Thomas (WVU) dec. Svihel (WYO) 8-6

No. 2 Montorie Bridges – 133 pounds
Preliminary: No. 2 Bridges dec. Lawrence Saenz (FSU) 5-3
Quarterfinals: No. 2 Bridges dec. No. 7 Jack Skudlarczyk (UNI) 7-4
Semifinals: No. 3 Cam Sykora (NDSU) dec. No. 2 Bridges (WYO) 7-6

Trevor Jeffries – 141 pounds
Preliminary: No. 3 Michael Blockhus (UNI) dec. Jeffries (WYO) 10-5
Consolation: No. 8 Lenny Petersen (AF) dec. Jeffries (WYO) 12-8

No. 8 Jaron Jensen – 149 pounds
Preliminary: Cameron Hunsaker (UVU) Fall No. 8 Jensen (WYO) 3:52
Consolation: No. 6 Greg Gaxiola (FSU) dec. No. 8 Jensen (WYO) 3-2


No. 8 Dewey Krueger – 157 pounds
Preliminary: No. 8 Krueger (WYO) dec. Jed Loveless (UVU) 2-1
Quarterfinals: No. 1 David Carr (ISU) dec. No. 8 Krueger (WYO) 11-5
Consolation: No. 8 Krueger (WYO) Fall Trey Brisker (AF) 2:43
Consolation 2: No. 5 Jacob Wright (FSU) Fall No. 8 Krueger (WYO) 7:26

No. 5 Cole Moody – 165 pounds
Preliminary: No. 5 Moody (WYO) MD Elijah Joseph (OU) 9-1
Quarterfinals: No. 4 Tanner Cook (SDSU) dec. No. 5 Moody (WYO) 12-10
Consolation: No. 5 Moody dec. Nick Kiussis (WVU) 7-1
Consolation 2: No. 5 Moody dec. No. 8 Austin Yant (UNI) 6-3

No. 6 Hayden Hastings – 174 pounds
Preliminary: No. 6 Hastings (WYO) MD Scott Joll (WVU) 13-0
Quarterfinals: No. 3 Sam Colbray (ISU) dec. No. 6 Hastings (WYO) 3-2
Consolation: No. 6 Hastings (WYO) TF Billy Higgins (UNC) 18-3
Consolation 2: No. 6 Hastings (WYO) dec. Luke Weber (NDSU) 5-3

No. 7 Tate Samuelson – 184 pounds
Quarterfinals: No. 7 Samuelson (WYO) dec. No. 2 Anthony Montalvo (OSU) 3-2
Semifinals: No. 3 Zach Carlson (SDSU) dec. No. 7 Samuelson (WYO) 3-2

No. 4 Stephen Buchanan – 197 pounds
Quarterfinals: No. 4 Buchanan dec. No. 5 Dakota Geer (OSU) 9-5
Semifinals: No. 1 Noah Adams (WVU) dec. No. 4 Buchanan (WYO) 7-4

No. 5 Brian Andrews – Heavyweight
Preliminary: No. 5 Andrews (WYO) dec. Austin Harris (OSU) 8-2
Quarterfinals: No. 5 Andrews (WYO) dec. No. 4 Carter Isley (UNI) 3-1, SV-1
Semifinals: No. 5 Andrews (WYO) dec. No. 1 Tate Orndorff (UVU) 7-3, SV-2