Crews Respond To Multiple Fireworks Related Fires


Fireworks caused multiple fires on the eve of Independence Days as crews stayed busy along Flaming Gorge and near Green River. 1st Bank June

Multiple fires occurred along the west shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir and in the Buckboard south area. As crews attended those fires, another blaze was reported south of the town of Green River, and additional resources were diverted there.

All of the fires are now contained, and the largest fire grew to about four acres.

Fire Warden Mike Bounazian reports that all those fires were caused by the use of fireworks.

Fire crews from Sweetwater County Fire Department, Green River Fire Department, and the Bureau of Land Management Rock Springs Field Office responded to these fires.

In Sweetwater County, fireworks are only permitted on private land with the land owner’s permission. Fireworks are not permitted within city and town limits nor on federal lands such as those operated by the BLM and U.S. Forest Service.