Daylight Savings Time year round in Wyoming wins committee vote today



CHEYENNE, WYOMING (Feb. 17, 2020) — Tired of changing that your clocks and watches twice a year? A bill that may eventually lead to Wyoming staying on Daylight Saving Time year-round has passed a committee vote today in the Wyoming Legislature.

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According the KGAB radio in Cheyenne, the vote in favor of House Bill 44 in the House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, and Cultural Resources was 8-1.

Wyoming would not be able to enact this non-time shifting rebellion on our own. Utah, Montana, Colorado and Idaho would also have to follow suit with legislation.

House Bill 44 is sponsored by State Representative Dan Lausen and also co-sponsored by State Representative(s) Barlow, Blackburn, Lindholm, Olsen, Sommers, and Yin, along with State Senator(s) Case, Driskill, and Gierauand.

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As reported in an earlier Wyo4News story, if passed, Wyoming would experience a later sunset during the state’s cold winter months. Those in favor of the bill believe this would have a positive economic and social impact for Wyoming residents.

Last year’s attempt at the time change bill passed the Wyoming House by a 35-21 vote, but failed in the Senate with a 15-15 tie.

The federal government would have to ratify any time change.
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