DCI continues to investigate in-custody death at SWC Detention Center

Wyo4news photo

Carly Eversole, [email protected]

Sweetwater County, Wyoming – As of this morning no additional details of the in-custody death that occurred last week have been made available to the public. According to a press release last week, the death occurred in the afternoon of Aug. 18, 2022 and had been turned over to the Wyoming Department of Corrections. No details regarding the deceased had been released by Sweetwater County Sheriff’s office until next of kin could be notified.


In an interview with Wyo4news on Friday, Aug. 19, Sheriff Grossnickle stated the investigation had been turned over to DCI and it is in their hands now. Calling an outside agency to investigate is standard procedure. Multiple attempts to contact DCI were made that Friday, but this morning, Wyo4news was able to speak with Ronnie Jones of the local DCI office. Agent Jones confirmed the investigation is in DCI’s hands and is underway now. Jones stated “Sheriff Grossnickle called DCI within minutes of the death to have it investigated.” Jones spoke with agents in the field on this case, and they are currently conducting their investigation this morning. “Agents need to conduct the investigation in the swiftest yet most thorough way possible.”

Upon completion of the investigation details of the report will be submitted to the county attorney-Dan Erramouspe. If no charges are pursued the case will then be closed and details will be released to the public. If charges are pursued the county attorney’s office will notify the public as well. Wyo4news will continue to release details as they become available.