Desert View mascot gets a name

In front from left are Desert View students Addison Leftwich, Shanly Rundell and Phillip Eccker. In back from left are Principal Sarah Blake and the school mascot who was named Dusty Rhodes Monday evening. (Ann Jantz photo/Wyo4News)

By Ann Jantz,

Rock Springs, Wyoming — It was a competition of the ages, as the teachers and their classes at Desert View Elementary School vied for the chance to name the school’s mustang mascot.

Desert View Principal Sarah Blake was joined by several students and the school mascot at the Sweetwater County School District Board of Trustees meeting Monday evening. They brought with them a list of names from which the choice was to be made.

The soon-to-be named mascot was sad, Blake said. Why? Because it did not have a name. A school-wide contest ensued; it was class against class, teacher against teacher. After a certain amount of consideration and teacher wrangling on the side, school faculty chose three names they deemed worthy of their school mascot.

Blake invited — neigh, instructed — the trustees to vote for the best name. It was a fearful task placed upon the trustees, for standing in the back of the room Monday were the three teachers and their students, all knowing in their heart of hearts that they were the winner.

The task would not be an easy one, the trustee knew, but a choice must be made, if not to calm the competitive teachers, then to give the trusty steed a name of which it could be proud.

The names on the list were indeed honorable: Dusty Rhodes, Rusty and Marty Mustang.

The room grew quiet as the trustees contemplated the merits of the three names. They solemnly wrote their choices. The pieces of paper were collected. Prinicipal Blake tallied the votes.

And the winner is …

Dusty Rhodes!


The winning class turned out to be the second grade class of Jill Blazovich. The other two classes in the running were the second grade class of Rachel Unguren-Allen and the third grade class of Kelly Leon.

With a new name and not a little school spirit, the Desert View mascot Dusty Rhodes rode off into the sunset joined by some very proud students and faculty.