Eclipse Causes Slight Air Traffic Increase At Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport


The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport saw a slight increase in air traffic for the solar eclipse.

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According to Airport Manager Devon Brubaker, 12 aircraft visited the airport that would not have landed if the eclipse was not occurring in Wyoming.

The increased air traffic was primarily from aircraft that fueled up and continued on their way. The airport sold about 2,500 gallons of fuel the day of the eclipse compared to 1,450 gallons sold on a typical August day.

Brubaker said the airport has seen an increase in passenger loads for commercial flights with planes operating at or near capacity.

The eclipse had a minimal impact on the airport financially, though.

Brubaker said the airport missed out on several visitors because no hotel rooms were available Sunday night. This prevented eclipse viewers from landing in Rock Springs for an overnight stay before driving to the path of totality.

“We had hoped for much more and suspect that we lost out on over $25,000 in revenue due to the lack of hotel rooms on Sunday night,” said Brubaker.

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