Electrifying Updates On Western’s Campus


Rock Springs, WY (5/1/19) – Western Wyoming Community College art student Rose Klein has been awarded a grant through Sweetwater County BOCES to display her artwork on the electrical box near the walking path.

Electrical boxes cannot be painted, so Klein’s artwork will be transferred to a wrap created by Unique Signs. The electrical box will then be wrapped in the artwork. The artwork will depict coal cars and oil dippers as well as an incorporation of international heritage by displaying flags on the railcars – very much in theme with Sweetwater County’s history.


Klein is from Rock Springs and majoring in Art at Western. She plans to continue her education subsequent to her graduation in 2019, although she hasn’t chosen an institution just yet. This is not the first piece that will be displayed in her hometown. Klein painted the dragon located in the drive-through of First Security Bank on Broadway in Downtown Rock Springs as a memorial of the Chinese Massacre that occurred September 2, 1885.

Klein states, “People are obsessed with art, even if they do not realize it. It is a way of storytelling, allowing the creator and the viewer to interact with intimate understanding. Stories make up history and reality, creating a space where we can peacefully live on the same masterpiece. Long after we are gone, our art will remain. Art drives me to retell these accounts visually, to combine another’s passion with mine, creating a place where we can tell our story together.  I chose to do this mural because I believe the history of Rock Springs and Western Wyoming are strongly incorporated in their successes through both the industrial and international realm. Hopefully, this will start a movement for businesses in this county to choose to support the art world, as they can leave their mark and story for the generations to come. I am thankful to Bernadine Craft and Peg Larson who have incited this idea to become a possibility, for Dr. Karla Leach’s inspiration and permission, and for the honor to leave a mark on this awesome school and in this city.”


To commission Klein for a mural or artwork, email her at [email protected]. To connect on social media, go to www.facebook.com/rose.klein.1671897 or www.instagram.com/rose_f_klein.