Enzi Asks IRS Commissioner About Cheyenne Taxpayer Assistance Center, Cost Of Undelivered Snail Mail


Click on image to see some of Senator Enzi’s comments. (2:06)

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Washington, D.C. – At a Senate Finance Committee hearing today, U.S. Senate Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., asked IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig about reopening the Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) in Cheyenne full-time and solutions for undeliverable correspondence that waste taxpayer dollars.

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Enzi thanked Rettig for reopening the Cheyenne TAC, but he expressed concern that the center is only open three days a week at a reduced schedule. He said Wyoming residents have continued to have challenges getting the assistance they need and deserve. Rettig said the IRS is working hard to ensure there is proper staffing at TAC and will follow up on fully reopening the Cheyenne center.

Enzi also said he tells folks in Wyoming to be wary of phone calls claiming to be from the IRS because inquiries and correspondence usually come through the mail. But Enzi shared his concerns about a 2010 TIGTA report that found the IRS was spending $57.9 million per year on undeliverable taxpayer correspondence, which leads to degraded communications with taxpayers and wasted taxpayer resources.

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“We’re looking at it seriously – that and all other budget-related issues have a strong focus internally,” Rettig said. “Paying for undelivered mail is not something we want to be in the business of doing.”

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