Expedition Academy’s own earns Wyoming’s first Computer Science Micro-Credential


Photo Courtesy of Sweetwater County School District #2

Emma Marsing, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — Jon Thompson, a Sophomore at Expedition Academy has become the first student in Wyoming to earn a Computer Science Micro-Credential.

Based on the press release by SWCSD#2, the Science Micro-Credential “consists of areas or “stacks”, of computer science skills and knowledge that a student, when demonstrating proficiency, earns a credential that the student then can put on a resume for a job application. This proves to the employer that the student has the skills for an entry-level job in that related field.”

Expedition Academy currently offers the courses to receive this credential. Those classes being CS1, CS2, and CS3. Thompson has currently passed both CS1 and CS2 and is now enrolled in CS3 with one other student. Thompson explained that his goal to receive this credential came after his fascination with Computer Science in the CS1 class. Sharon Seaton, a teacher with both the Green River High School and Expedition Academy is the only teacher within this area that has the credentials to offer college credit for these courses on top of just receiving the credential.

Any student is able to sign up for Computer Science courses within Green River High School or Expedition Academy. Thompson explained that in his CS1 class, they built and designed a robot to do a task. Thompson’s robot had forklift-type arms that brought items back to him.

Thompson is on his way to earning another Micro-Science Credential as he is currently working on a new two-part project. Thompson explained that the first part of this project is creating circuits on a software program called Logism. The second part of this project is a board that they have to code and then be able to read.

Being that Thompson is the first student in Wyoming to receive this credential, he stated, “I’m really proud of myself to do that. I didn’t realize that I would be the first one to do it.” His mother Stacy Anderson stated, “At 15 being able to do this, is pretty impressive.” 

At this time, Thompson does not know what he wants to exactly do once he graduates high school, but he does know he would like to pursue a career in the Computer Science field. Anderson explained that they have talked with him about doing internships with companies and Thompson did state that doing internships within the Wyoming area is something he would be extremely interested in pursuing.

Inside the Computer Science field, workers do a plethora of jobs. These jobs include designing medical software, designing the equipment that builds cars, mine equipment, and even railroad equipment, robotic surgery software, and more.

Thompson stated that the advice he would give future students who want to earn this credential is to “do your work and try to do everything to the best of your ability.” He then went on and explained how the first time he did the paperwork for this credential, he did not put in enough information for it to be accepted. Thompson resubmitted the paperwork two days before he was accepted for this credential. 

Anderson ended by stating, “I want to thank Expedition Academy. They have given him a great opportunity to reach his potential. He has been through a lot of changes the past six years and it’s been pretty neat to see him coming into his own.”