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For this week’s edition of “Five Questions With…” Wyo4News interviewed local Hip Hop artist Nicholas Fletcher a.k.a. Sickamore Treezy.  Sickamore Treezy was born and raised in Rock Springs. He started making Hip Hop music over ten years ago and has always prided himself as a lyricist and loves writing powerful music with a message.



Why did you gravitate towards Hip Hop and not any other genre of music?

I remember growing up, as a kid, and for a very long time I had no real big interest in music.  I recall all the kids in school having  their favorite artists and bands but I never did.  At that time all I knew about Hip Hop was what I ambiently heard on TV and the radio.  There wasn’t a big Hip Hop scene or culture here and rap had a pretty bad reputation.  My first real encounter with Hip Hop that sparked my passion came when I was watching my brother play video games in his room.  He had some rap music playing in the background on his stereo and something caught my ear.  It was an album call Blackout and the emcee was Method Man.  The way he flowed on the beat and his vocabulary was amazing to me.  I ended up borrowing the CD and listened to it over and over.  It was the first time I really listened and for the first time I had a favorite band/artist.  I fell in love with Hip Hop from then on.

What, if any, are the challenges of being a Hip Hop artist in Wyoming?

I would have to say the biggest challenge, right out of the gate, would have to be our location.  Being a rapper in Wyoming is challenging.  When I first started–well over 10 years ago–we had no Hip Hop scene here.  We had no recording studio, no producers, let alone a place for live shows.  The Hip Hop artists here had to create everything we have available now.  On top of that rap music in general has a pretty bad reputation.  Many times I have been laughed at when someone would ask what type of artist I am and I say “a rapper”.  It’s viewed as silly by many because of how it’s portrayed in the mainstream.  Most people don’t dig deep enough to find the enormous amount of beautiful content out there.

In your opinion, what’s the music scene like in Sweetwater County for a Hip Hop artist?

I absolutely love the music scene here.  Not only the Hip Hop, but all of it. On the Hip Hop end I’m so proud of my team. Artists new and old are creating and building so much.  The scene here is thriving and better than ever.  Our goal is to destroy the stereotypes and really help benefit our community in the most positive ways.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I have so many influences I don’t even know where to begin. In the big league of the music industry I’d have to say my favorite artists are Method Man, The Game, J Cole, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf and many more.  On the underground side some of my favorites are Locksmith, R.A. The Rugged Man, Token, Army Of The Pharaohs, and again, many others.  I’d be crazy not to mention and say Rest In Peace to two of my biggest and legendary influences Biggie Smalls and Big Punisher.  When it comes to my local upbringing and influences, I have so many. I am so crazy-inspired by my fellow artists here in Sweetwater County.  I also have to take a moment to thank one of my very best friends here who always had my back.  When I first started I wasn’t that great at making music.  I really struggled finding my voice.  Other rappers would make fun of me, and not want to work with me, but my friend Cyrus Sweets always stood up for me.  He would tell people he saw my potential.  I learned so from him and love him like a brother.  I get inspired by all the locals I share this scene with everyday.



Have you worked with, or collaborated, with any other local musicians or bands?

Yes, I have collaborated with many of the amazing artists here!  For starters, I have to mention who I started out in the music game with, my crew and best friends, the New Zoo.  The New Zoo is comprised of myself, Zach Morgan, Cyrus Sweets, and Jessie Crook.  We put on the first Hip Hop show in Rock Springs at the Elks Lodge over 10 years ago.  Since then, I have done songs and shows with Big Tone, Rick-E, Saint James, J-Pun, Omnis, Tomber, Fierce, Jax, Fish, Pimp Skittles,  A-Webb, Big Gray, Stuntman, Y-T, Sonny Dog,  Hazy, Navarre and so many others.  Navarre is an enormous reason we have a Hip Hop scene here.  He has put on hundreds of shows and brought many acts here to preform from all around the country.  I owe so much to that guy.  As for other artists, I have done many shows with non-Hip Hop acts. I’ve had the honor of preforming in shows with Zamtrip, The Wade Wilson Project, Days May Come and lots more. I’m sure many people who know me and have seen me preform know that I always have Monster Man with me at my shows. He is like family to me and motivates me everyday. Outside of music, one of my favorite artists to collaborate with is Shawn Huber of Ohio Snap. He is a photographer and graphic designer who helps me with music videos and he makes my album cover art.  Also, my image wouldn’t be complete without my tattoos, so a huge shout out to my tattoo artist Autumn Paige at Art Official Creations.  I’m blessed to work with all the amazing people I have, and want to thank the Broadway Theater for this opportunity.

See Sickamore Treezy at the Downtown Rock Springs’ Live in the Lobby concert series this Thursday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the Broadway Theater.  Tickets are now available at the Rock Springs Main Street/URA office (603 S Main Street) or the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce for just $5.  Live in the Lobby is sponsored by WyoRadio and AAA Insurance Agent Randy McConnell.

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