5 Questions With: Karson Beutel, UW student from Green River


LARAMIE, WYOMING (May 23, 2020) — In today’s edition of Wyo4News 5 Questions With…Wyo4News talks with Karson Beutel, a third-year student at the University of Wyoming (UW).


Beutel is a 2017 graduate of Green River High School, majoring in Construction Management at UW. As a lifelong resident, Beutel fell in love with the hiking, fishing, and solitude that wonderful Wyoming offers. Beutel enjoys time outside with friends and family when he is not studying or watching the Pokes win. Let ‘er Buck!



1. What was your first initial reaction to hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic?

Initially I thought that COVID-19 might be similar to the Ebola outbreak, and that it would be somewhat short-lived. I didn’t expect it to completely transform life this year. As soon as large plans and trips began getting canceled I knew that it was going to be a much more serious situation.



2. As a student, what changes came about as a result of the pandemic?

At UW, I went from having one online class to five this semester which was a surprise and adjustment, and it was a big adjustment for many professors. I definitely started to miss going to the library, the gym, or going out for dinner. Not being in class each morning was certainly the most stark change. However, I’m very thankful that I was able to continue working at Jacoby Golf Course and fishing the beautiful Laramie area in the meantime!


3. Do you feel you were prepared to deal with a situation like this as a student?

Online classes can be more flexible and self-guided at times so I definitely had to sharpen up my organizational skills to stay ahead. My advisor and instructors all did their best to transition to online learning and made it as seamless as possible. It was sort of a sudden change but I felt comfortable managing this situation as a student.



4. How did you feel about having to go strictly online for your schooling to finish the semester?

Going strictly online this semester had its benefits at times, but there were some days that I missed being in the physical classroom and walking around on campus, especially right about now as the weather is warming up. I did really enjoy the flexibility that online schooling offers though.


5. What are your hopes in the near future for Wyoming and the United States regarding the pandemic?

I believe that the COVID-19 outbreak has been a showing of the importance of human interaction as well as compassion. Neighborly love feels like a foreign concept at times these days, but this situation has provoked moments of positivity and creativity in not just our community, but all around the country. I hope that the pandemic will allow for technological developments in healthcare and hope that it will bring more attention to government involvement/policy-making from the public long after the pandemic is over. I think it has been a humbling experience and have hope that it will bring about many positive changes in the future!