Flaming Gorge Days Sees High Parade & Festival in the Park Turnout


Festival in the Park and the Flaming Gorge Days Parade showed a strong turnout during this year’s Flaming Gorge Days celebration.

Scott Sager, Flaming Gorge Days Committee President, said Saturday’s Festival in the Park and the parade likely saw near-record breaking numbers. An exact head count for those events is not gathered, but Sager said a high number of visitors enjoyed the festivities.

It’s estimated that over 2000 people spectated the parade. Sager said the parade’s 47 entries was a high number for a non-political year.

Friday’s events saw about the same number of visitors as the previous couple of years.

Sager estimates about 600 people attended the concerts both Friday and Saturday night. This turnout is about the same for previous Friday shows, but attendance was down on Saturday. The talent for the concerts cost less money to Flaming Gorge Days than in previous years, so Sager said the event actually made a higher profit despite the lower turnout.

Exact figures for Flaming Gorge Days will not be available for another two weeks or more.