Former Rock Springs Resident Arrested On Voyeurism Charges


The Lyman Police Department released the following statement on the recent arrest of a former Rock Springs Resident.

Former Rock Springs resident Ryan Flaten, was arrested on November 17th, 2017 on the charge of Felony Voyeurism by the Lyman Police Department after an investigation conducted by Lyman Police Chief Tom Clark.

Lyman Maverik Store employees contacted Chief Clark after a hidden video camera was located, which had been placed in the public restroom at the store. Chief Clark responded to the store and met with two of the store’s employees, and was informed that a “GoPro” camera had been placed inside of a box and placed on top of boxes of cleaning supplies inside the public restroom.

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Chief Clark was provided with surveillance footage of the store and given a description of a suspicious individual who had entered the store earlier. This individual was a regular customer of the store. Chief Clark and the store employees reviewed the video surveillance from the store and obtained footage showing the individual at the store, as well as video of his vehicle.

Chief Clark notified local Law Enforcement Officers of the case and requested their assistance in locating the suspect and his vehicle. This included Uinta County Sheriff Deputies, Mountain View Police Officers and Wyoming State Troopers. Chief Clark provided these Officers with photos and descriptions of the suspect and his vehicle.

During the morning of November 17th, Mountain View Police Chief Brian Sparks located the suspect vehicle heading north from Mountain View. The vehicle pulled into a local business in Urie, Wyoming and contact with the driver was made by Chief Sparks and Uinta County Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant David Evins at Chief Clark’s request. Chief Sparks recognized Flaten from the photograph provided to him and he notified Chief Clark. Sgt. Evins asked Flaten if he would mind waiting to speak with Chief Clark regarding a case he was working on and Flaten agreed.

At the Lyman Police Department, Flaten was interviewed. However, when notified of the nature of the investigation Flaten refused to speak to Officers and requested an attorney. Flaten was arrested by Chief Clark and transported to the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility in Evanston.

A search warrant was executed on the residence and the vehicle belonging to Flaten and a large amount of additional evidence was collected by Lyman Police Officers.

The success of this case was initiated with very observant Maverik employees and local Bridger Valley Law Enforcement. Lyman Police Chief thanked all of the local Law Enforcement agencies for their assistance in solving this case. Chief Clark stated “Law Enforcement takes a team effort to successfully bring suspects to justice.”

*** All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty and convicted in a court of Law.