Frost depth: Important tool for residents and city


Rick Owens on the left, Ron Macioszek on the right

Wyo4news Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — The City of Green River began its annual frost depth report on January 4, 2022, a tool used to help residents from having their water line into the home from freezing up. 



Public Works Environmental System Techs Ron Macioszek and Rick Owens measure 33 different water valve boxes in the street throughout the City every Tuesday morning. Once the valve box is open, the two can see the frost line, measure it, and report that number. The numbers this week showed in most locations, that the frost line continues to go deeper.

Owens says the numbers this month are the typical number you would see in December.  Jason Palmer, Environmental Systems Superintendent, says the City has three priority levels to warn residents of a possible freeze-up. Priority one, frost up to 42 inches deep, affects about 30 homes in Green River. Those residents are asked to run water, which the City will credit back to the homeowner.

Priority two is a frost line 43 inches to 52 inches, which affects 150 homes, and anything over 52 inches, all residents will be asked to run their water. Owens says in all the years he has measured the frost line, the deepest depth he has measured, 60 inches.

The weekly numbers are posted every Tuesday afternoon at