Gordon focuses on energy industry and revitalizing education in message to legislatures


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Tyler Johnson, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

CHEYENNE, WYOMING (January 12, 2021) – Governor Gordon emphasized the need for Wyoming to live within its means, defend its energy industry and revitalize education during a message to the legislature delivered during today’s one-day virtual legislative meeting.

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“Two years ago, we began to address a future for Wyoming with a more limited, efficient and transparent government,” Governor Gordon told the Legislature. “One that can adapt to diminishing revenues and strive to deliver the essential services on which Wyoming citizens rely. Together we also confronted the unexpected events which have defined a new era in world history.”

The Governor said that work continues, and added that he knows the new group of legislators will also serve with dedication and distinction. He highlighted the successful distribution of $1.25 billion in Federal CARES Act dollars to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including nearly $500 million that was delivered to Wyoming small businesses, as well as funds allocated to schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals, first responders, local governments and to support broadband access.

“We undertook actions to protect public health,” the Governor said. “But unlike other states we’ve been able to maintain our way of life and liberty, and have striven to keep businesses open and kids in schools.”

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The Governor reaffirmed his support for Wyoming’s traditional energy industries and the potential for Carbon Capture Sequestration and Utilization (CCUS) to reduce CO2 emissions and keep jobs in the state.

“No matter what comes next we must stay focused on both defending and promoting our energy industry,” he said. “We can’t – and won’t – let the misguided actions of special interests and federal agencies rob our future.”

He also stressed the importance of higher education’s role in diversifying Wyoming’s economy and his goal of better aligning those institutions’ efforts.

“More than ever our community colleges and our university must function together,” he said.   We must ensure our existing as well as new industries and enterprises that there will be a world class, highly skilled, knowledgeable, nimble, entrepreneurial, and motivated workforce.”

The Governor announced he will release more policy initiatives in the coming weeks.

The recorded speech can be viewed here. A copy of the Governor’s prepared comments may be found here.

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