Governor releases statement on next two fiscal years budget proposal

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

CHEYENNE, WYOMING (Nov. 18.2019) –  Today, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon released his budget for the next two fiscal years. Gordon is scheduled to appear before the Joint Appropriations Committee on Dec. 9, 2019.

In a press release from the governor’s office, Gordon said, “The changes that are taking place in the energy industry will impact how we fund government services next year and every year after. To prepare for this uncertain future, it’s important we limit ongoing spending, ensure government is operating as efficiently as possible, and limit the use of the rainy day fund. My budget proposal accomplishes all three.”

The release went on to state, Governor Gordon’s proposal funds standard agency budgets without cuts for this biennium and limits ongoing costs. It also keeps the use of the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA) or “rainy day fund” solely for legislatively-mandated educational needs and for supporting local communities.


“Additional spending cuts are on the horizon and appear imperative to keep Wyoming moving forward. We have been afforded the chance to make those cuts strategically so they will be sustainable,” Governor Gordon stated in the release.

His proposal does call for some one-time investments. These include funding for research and development that supports the state’s energy industry, school safety enhancements, facilities that align with the state’s economic needs, and one-time technology additions that will make government more efficient.

The governor’s office also said the website “Wyoming Sense” will be launched soon. The purpose of the website will be to help taxpayers understand revenues and see how public funds are being spent. The site will allow visitors to see the allocation of dollars to all state agencies, and help them gain an understanding of the different funding streams that each utilizes.

Governor Gordon’s letter to the 65th Legislature and the detail budget proposal is available for viewing by clicking here.