GR Council approves GR Animal Control to use donation funds on needed projects


Tiffany Asher, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — During last Tuesday’s Green River City Council meeting, the Green River Animal Control asked to use money that is donated to the shelter to buy more microchips and start construction on a second yard to allow more outside space for the animals. The Animal Control Division asked the council to allow funds from the donation account to the general funds in order to begin the process.


The Animal Control Division has a microchip program that they use to help owners identify their animals. The division is currently out of those microchips. Chief of Police Sturlaugson stated, “They’re out of microchips right now and they traditionally use donation funds to buy more of those. In addition, they’ve identified some needs that they think will help the shelter run more efficiently and help out their adoption program.”

A few years ago, the Animal Control Division built a shelter in the rear section of the building and it occasionally will be damaged by dogs. The Animal Control Division is asking to use some of the donations received to pour cement in areas where dogs have dug up or destroyed the shelter. The repairs will help ensure that damages don’t happen again in the future. According to Chief of Police Sturlaugson, they are also hoping to build a second yard. “It will help with their adoption program in showing animals and will help the dogs themselves so they can separate the bigger dogs from the smaller dogs when they are out getting their recreation.”


According to the resolution, the purchase of microchips will allow staff to continue to offer that program. Repairs to the existing yard, and the addition of a second yard, will enhance the shelter environment and will have a positive impact on staff as it will allow them to do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

There are currently enough funds in the donation account that cover these expenses. Estimated costs for these items
are: Additional microchips ($877.80); repairs, cement, and upgrades to the existing backyard area ($2,200); and the construction of a second-yard area at the shelter ($11,100). The total estimated is $14,177.80.

The vote was passed unanimously.