Gray responds to suit to keep Trump and Lummis off future ballots


November 15, 2023 — Wyo4News Staff

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray responded yesterday to a court filing in Wyoming District Court to remove current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and current Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis (Republican) from appearing on future ballots in Wyoming.

Gray stated he plans to defend against that filing vigorously. “The attempt to remove Donald Trump and Cynthia Lummis from the ballot is outrageously wrong and repugnant to our electoral process,” said Gray in a statement. “I am preparing a vigorous defense to stop these blatant, radical attempts to interfere with Wyoming’s elections. The weaponization of the Fourteenth Amendment to remove political opponents from the ballot undermines the sanctity of the Constitution. We are preparing to file a motion to dismiss to block this attempt at election interference. And we are committed to protecting the integrity of our elections and ensuring that the people of Wyoming can choose who to elect for themselves.”


The case to prevent Trump and Lummis from being on the ballot was filed by retired Laramie attorney Tim Newcomb, who accuses Trump and Lummis of failing to defend the Constitution and of “adhering” to the nation’s enemies. 

Lummis is not up for reelection until 2026. Trump would appear on the November 2024 ballot if he secures the Republican presidential nomination.