Green River artist featured at White Mountain Library

Local artist Cherrie Dittman is exhibiting her work at White Mountain Library through this month. Photo courtesy of the Community Fine Arts Center.

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (March 10, 2020) — Green River local artist Cherrie Dittman is the featured artist at White Mountain Library for the month of March.

Dittman has been working on a process called monotype which creates a one of a kind, unique piece of artwork. It is the simplest form of printmaking, requiring only pigments, a surface on which to apply them, paper and some form of press.




Monotypes are a form of printmaking in which images are drawn or painted on metal, glass, or plexiglass plate, then “pulled” or printed onto paper. Paints and inks are rolled, brushed, daubed or otherwise applied and manipulated and then transferred to paper using a press or hand burnishing.

“Monotypes are inherently unique because only one or two impressions may be pulled before the ink is used up,” stated expert Frank Howell in his book, “Monotypes.”

“Although there may be a second impression, it is quite different from the first in that most of the ink was lifted from the plate in its first pass through the press. The second impression, called a ghost or cognate, is much lighter or thinner and is more of a suggestion of the first. Each pulled impression may be considered a finished work or it may be further enhanced by the application of additional drawing or color.”

“I love Art. I admire other people’s art,” said Dittman in her artist statement. “For me, I enjoy the process of making art. Monotype has a very engaging process of adding, removing and manipulating the medium on the plate. The results from the actual printing of the plate are somewhat surprising and unpredictable, which is very exciting!”

Dittman has exhibited in the Sweetwater County Library System several times, at the Downtown Rock Springs “Artember” event and teaches adult art classes through Sweetwater BOCES.




The Exhibits Committee of the Library System meets throughout the year to review applications and schedule exhibits. Artists interested in displaying their work are encouraged to submit an application for an individual exhibit. Application packets are available at any county library circulation desk and at the Community Fine Arts Center.

The Exhibits Committee is made up of community members Angie Bennett, Deon Quitberg and Donna Ragsdale, all from Green River, and library system members Michelle Krmpotich, Lindsey Travis, and Debora Soule.

For more information about these exhibits and other library events, visit the Library System web page or on Facebook

Questions can be directed to Debora Soule at the Community Fine Arts Center in Rock Springs.