Green River Boy Scout aids GRFD with new drying rack

Green River Boy Scout Hunter Rushing (submitted photo)

September 22, 2023 — Green River Boy Scout Hunter Rushing approached the Green River Fire Department in June about his Eagle Scout project, a drying rack for their fire gear that would be utilized upon returning from a fire call. That idea has now become a reality as Rushing recently presented his drying rack to the department.

According to the Green River Fire Department, when fighting fires, soot and smoke become embedded in a firefighter’s bunker gear. This soot releases carcinogens like sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides into the air. Overexposure to carcinogens comes with a price, including coronary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses. Fire gear must be washed after fire calls.

Rushing, the son of Matt and Brittany Rushing, knew of these risks, causing him to design and build a drying rack for the GRFD. In the past, the GRFD would hang dry their gear after washing, which was time-consuming. With Rushing’s new rack, drying time will be much quicker.

The completed drying rack (pictured above) was presented and demonstrated by Rushing on Thursday, September 21.  

“Green River Fire Department would like to thank Hunter Rushing for his idea, skill, and commitment to help keep our firefighters safe,” stated the GRFD in a press release.