Green River cheer confident heading into state

The 2020 Green River High School Cheer Squad. A Wyo4News photo

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (March 11, 2020) — The Green River High School Cheer Squad heads to Casper today to begin State Spirit Competition.

Green River Cheer is led by head coach Allison Luna, who is in her first year as head coach and has been nominated for Coach of the Year. Luna says her squad has made a plethora of improvements throughout the season.


“It has been a rocky season,” said Luna. “Starting over a new program, building your own foundation and doing those things is hard. New rules and a new structure is hard; but, these kids have pushed through every obstacle that has come their way, every obstacle that has come the coaches way, and they have pulled through. They look better than I have seen them in a very long time.”

Luna says she is very optimistic about how her squad will perform at state.

“I am very proud of how much they have done,” Luna discussed. “The skills that we are doing this year are much harder than we have done in the past. They’re hitting them, they’re doing things. I think it is all about confidence at this point. They have the skill set to do it, they just have to hit it.”

Luna claimed that a state championship has been a goal for her squad this season.

“Obviously, a state championship is our number one goal,” Luna noted. “Especially being here in Green River High School. We have that precedence to be the best, and this year we have been pushing really hard to try and bring the championship back to Green River. My goal as a coach, outside of bringing home a state championship, is to perform our routines to the best of our ability.”

Luna discussed how her team has worked hard to “clean up” their routines prior to state competition.

“We are just looking to clean up before we get to the competition,” Lunda said. “Working on our confidence is another big thing. Making sure that they feel confident in their routines, and are able to show that confidence when they perform. They are great, they are amazing athletes. They just have to make everyone else believe in them.”


Luna noted that she feels much better as a coach headed into state this year than she did last year.

“I feel good, I really do,” said Luna. “Last year, when I was an assistant coach, I ended up taking the kids to state by myself. I was a little more scared and nervous. This year, I feel a lot calmer and collected because I know that we have been well prepared for this. I know things can still come up, things can still happen, but I know that we have started preparing at the right time; and, I know that the kids have everything they need to go out there and do the best they can.”

“I’m very proud of them, and excited to show off what we have been working on; because, they have kept a lot of it very hidden.”