Green River City Council announces Parks & Recreation Director’s leave



Brad Raney accepting plaque during the Green River City Council Meeting – City of Green River Photo

Tiffany Asher, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — During tonight’s Green River City Council Meeting, Brad Raney, CPRP, Director of Parks & Recreation, is moving on toward another position outside of Wyoming. City Administrator Reed Clevenger gave the announcement, “I am here on behalf of the city to present a service plaque. One that is well deserved but also brings some sadness. Because he is a leader who has taken the next step in his career, which is in Oklahoma.” Raney has been with the city for over 8 years and has brought the city a lot of success, according to Clevenger. Each council member congratulated Raney on a job well done with the Parks and Rec Department and wished him the best of luck in future endeavors.


Consideration to approve the 2023 High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Sub-Contract Award was presented tonight. “The award in question is for $182,309.00 to cover the costs of the two positions.” The award is to approve funding to cover the wages and other costs for those positions in 2023. If awarded, this would help in conjunction with the State Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and help in the DCI’s enforcement in Southwest Wyoming. Tom Jarvie, Chief of Police for the Green River Police Department said, “This is the grant we have been awarded each year for the last 20 years. It’s been paying for two task force officer positions. It’s really needed in drug trafficking in our area, as the drugs are not coming from here, but from Denver, Salt Lake, Pheonix, and the country to the south.” Jarvie mentioned that this grant has significantly helped in their battle against drug trafficking in Sweetwater County. The motion was approved unanimously.

Other Ordinances

Other ordinances announced was the first public hearing in regards to the proposed amendments to Section 5 (specifically, 5.e. “Final Plat”) and Section 9 of Appendix C (Subdivisions) of the City of Green River Code of Ordinances, to establish an alternative method for approving subdivisions, recording of the Final Plat and to clarify when building permits can be issued. The proposed addition is to establish an alternative method for approving subdivisions and the recording of the plat. The other proposed addition is to clarify when building permits and occupancy certificates can be issued. “Our current ordinance is silent on the issue and can be misinterpreted to mean that houses may be started before public improvements are complete.” The motion carries forward, 6-1.

Ryan Rust, Public Affairs & Grants Manager, presented the funding for the Quilting on the Green to have a sub-grantee with the Wyoming Arts Council tonight. According to the agenda, “The Quilting on the Green Committee would like to apply for a Community Support Grant through the Wyoming Arts Council to support their 2024 Quilting on the Green Quilt Show. They are not a 501(c)(3) organization so they will need an eligible entity to serve as a fiscal sponsor. If awarded, the City of Green River would be required to sign the sub-guarantee agreement with the Wyoming Arts Council, would receive the funds, and would pass them through to the Committee. In this event, it is likely that the City of Green River would draft a sub-grantee agreement with the Quilting on the Green Committee. This action will not require any funding from the City but will require the attached letter stating the City’s intent to serve as a fiscal sponsor to be sent to the Committee and submitted with their application.” The motion was approved unanimously.

Clevenger mentioned that some grants for Home Land Security have been moved up in time frame and will need to be discussed during next month’s council meeting.