Green River City Council approves rate increase from Wyoming Waste Systems


By Dylan Rohrer,

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (Dec. 18, 2019) — The Green River City Council on Tuesday approved a rate increase for solid waste services from Wyoming Waste Systems to begin in 2020.

In the City of Green River’s contract with Wyoming Waste Systems, it states that Wyoming Waste Systems must gain council approval before a rate increase becomes final. According to Galen West, City Attorney, the council must have “reasonable or substantial purpose” to refuse the rate increase.

The Green River City Council unanimously passed the increase at last night’s meeting.


The contract also states that Wyoming Waste Systems is allowed the use of the United States Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Pride Index (CPI) to figure rates increasing or decreasing.

Michelle Foote, Wyoming Waste Systems Green River site manager, presented the rate increase at the Nov. 19 council meeting. Her findings were that the CPI for urban consumers from Sep. 2018 to Sep. 2019 were up 1.76 percent.


Solid waste customer rates under the approved increase will be up 56 cents for residential customers, and $2.22 for small business customers.