Green River City Council Approves Right-Of-Way Grant From BLM


The Green River City Council approved a right-of-way grant from the BLM for the airport access road last night at the scheduled city council meeting. The approval was unanimous with a 6-0 vote.




According to the Green River City Council Agenda, “The current access road to the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport was constructed in the early 1990’s by WYDOT when it realigned WY 530 south of Green River. The road crossed about 730 feet of BLM property between the highway and City property. After this occurred, the BLM believed they had all information that was necessary for authorizations for the development of the road.”



The agenda also stated, “Due to a clerical error, or an oversight in the past, the road has never appeared on the BLM system.” The BLM proceeded to apply for recognition of the road and Green River Public Works received the Right-of-Way Grant from the BLM for the access road. The grant was brought to the council for approval with a vote of 6-0.