Green River Works To Help Stranded Motorists

Photos Provided by Katie Blood, Green River Recreation Supervisor

Residents in Green River came together yesterday to help motorists who were stranded due to poor weather conditions.

After some motorists were stuck on the interstate for several hours, the Green River Recreation Center was set up as emergency shelter. This was done by the City of Green River in conjunction with local Emergency Management.

Green River Recreation Supervisor Katie Blood said the shelter opened at about 6 p.m. Four Green River Volunteer Firefighters worked to set up 25 to 30 cots for anticipated travelers. In addition, four people from local Emergency Management attended to help sign in those who utilized the service.

Blood noted that at least two community members, identified as Zeke and Bob, donated food to help those in need. Zeke and Bob brought soup, chili, crackers, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and utensils.

The local pizza hut also said they would bring pizza as needed, free of charge.

While no travelers actually utilized the center as an emergency shelter, Blood said it was uplifting to see community members come together to help strangers in need.

“It just makes you feel good and appreciate that people were thinking of others and willing to go out in this weather to help strangers,” said Blood.