GRPD reminds community of school bus safety

Photo courtesy of the Green River Police Department Facebook page.

Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (September 17, 2020) — The Green River Police Department has released the following statement regarding school bus safety:


“We have had multiple bus light violations in the last few days.

We want to remind everyone:

Please be aware when traveling in the school pick up zones, school parking lots, and other parking areas that busses make frequent stops. When you see a bus with flashing yellow lights that means they are stopping to pick up or drop off children. Make sure you stop when the red lights flash and the stop sign deploys. Please do not try to hurry past the bus with yellow lights flashing, if the stop sign deploys as you are passing you could be subject to a citation.

Citations for Meeting or Passing a Stopped School Bus is a must appear offense and can yield a maximum sentence of $750.00 plus court costs. You could receive a citation even if it is in a private parking area.

  • Prepare to Stop for school busses with yellow flashing lights.
  • Stop when the red lights flash and the stop sign deploys.
  • Plan ahead for delays in your morning commute.
  • Watch for children crossing streets.

Let’s work together to keep our kids safe as they commute to school.”