Grub’s Drive In, 76 years and counting


Jena Doak, [email protected]

Rock Springs, Wyoming — A restaurant in its 76th year must be doing something right. Grub’s new owners, Toby Rogers and Nichole Smith, pledge to remain the proud owners at least until it sees its 100th year.


Grub’s Drive In was established in 1946, when drive-in restaurants were a popular service. Just the idea of having food delivered to one’s car was unique. Remembering the old television show, “Happy Days,” or the film, “American Graffiti,” conjures images of Grub’s beginnings.

Grub’s, otherwise known as “Home of the Shamrock,” is infamous for their menu items. The most popular is called the Shamrock Burger, which boasts two patties at a total of one-third pound of beef, plus cheese, mustard, pickle and onion with fries. Their shakes are also a favorite, and they are one of the only places that still offers an old-fashioned malt.

One patron, finishing his lunch and heading for the door, commented that their beef is hand-shaped, not from a frozen patty.

Rogers explained that their beef is fresh from a Utah farm, and is never frozen. Grub’s uses 50 pounds of beef per day. That fresh beef is presumably one reason why Grub’s has received many awards for best burgers, best fries, and Sweetwater County awards.

Before assuming ownership, Rogers was employed as a cook at the establishment for five years before he and Smith, who was a server and cook for four years, decided to purchase the business. The previous owners, Dave and Marcy Skorup, had the restaurant passed on to them, as it had traded hands in the family for more than seven decades.

“I kept my job, and just changed my role,” said Rogers. “The hardest part was doing the endless paperwork from getting the vendors transferred,” Rogers said.

Another major responsibility tasked to Rogers and Smith is upholding the establishment’s reputation.

“It has a bit of a legacy, but no pressure,” Rogers joked.

Grub’s will see a few additions, which will serve to offer the public expanded service. The new owners plan to expand the size of Grub’s after a five-year loan is paid. In addition, they will soon offer Saturday hours, which has not been an option for 20 years.

Rogers and Smith are proud to be the famous restaurant’s new owners.

“We are excited to continue the legacy of Grub’s, and we appreciate all of our customers, old and new. We look forward to many more years of serving great food,” Rogers said.

More information, including hours and menu, can be found on their website.

“It’s not fast food, it’s good food fast,” said Smith, giving credit to Marcy Skorup for the oft-used catch-phrase.