Hageman Introduces Legislation to Simplify Grant Process


Congresswoman Harriet Hageman

February 8, 2024 — Congresswoman Harriet Hageman introduced legislation to streamline the federal grant submission process and make finding information related to federal grant availability and filing easier.

Representative Hageman stated, “There are over 1,000 federal grant programs spanning 26 grant-making agencies and billions of dollars available in annual awards. Navigating this complex system as a local government or community organization can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. These complexities can result in late submissions and missed opportunities. Hiring qualified grant writers can be very costly, depending on their level of experience. In many cases, this is simply not feasible for local communities.

“Modern technology should make life better, not add more confusion. Improving efficiency and providing greater transparency in the federal grant process is a win for everyone involved.”

What does the GRANT Act do?

  • Requires federal agencies to post the competitive and discretionary grants they award on their website.
  • Federal agencies must also list critical information for potential grant applicants, including:
    • Award information and applicant requirements, contacts, and deadlines
    • Estimated response times
    • Required supplemental documentation
    • Information on related awards
  • Ensures that federal agencies provide technical information and assistance, such as tutorials, webinars, and Q&A sections to assist in navigating the complex federal award process.
  • Agencies that have previously implemented the provisions of this bill must certify their compliance to Congress.
  • Requires grant-awarding agencies to report to Congress on the number, value, and recipients of competitive and discretionary grants awarded through the agency’s respective sites.