Hageman votes “yes” on 2nd Mayorkas impeachment



February 14, 2024 — Wyo4News Staff

Wyoming Republican Congresswoman Harriet Hageman voted yes in yesterday’s U.S. House vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The measure passed the House vote by a 214-213 margin.

The two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas were filed for willfully and systemically refusing to comply with – and violating — federal immigration laws and breach of the public trust. The articles of impeachment now head to the U.S. Senate.


In a released statement, Hageman stated, “Not only has Secretary Mayorkas overseen an invasion across our borders, allowing enough fentanyl and other drugs to kill every man, woman, and child in the U.S., human trafficking controlled by vicious cartels, hundreds of people on the terror watch list, and a total of over 8.3 million illegal entries to date, he has lied to Congress multiple times while under oath and dismantled successful border policy that has led to the crisis we have today.”

Hageman added, “Secretary Mayorkas must be held accountable for both the long-term effect of this border crisis and the censorship weaponization he has directed against the American people. I am grateful to be one of the select few chosen by Speaker Johnson to prosecute this case in the Senate, and I thank him for the confidence that he has placed in me. Mayorkas must go.”

It was also announced yesterday that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson selected Hageman to serve as an impeachment manager for any upcoming Senate trial of Secretary Mayorkas.