Hageman votes yes on failed U.S. House Mayorkas impeachment


February 7, 2024 — Wyo4News Staff

Yesterday, Wyoming Republican Congresswoman Harriet Hageman voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka. But the effort to impeach Mayoka failed in the U.S. House of Representatives by a 216-214 margin.

In the vote, all Democrat members of the House voted against the impeachment, with three Republicans also opposing the action. A fourth Republican switched their vote so the measure could be revisited.

Hagemen released the following statement:

“Secretary Mayorkas has failed in his duties. He has willfully refused to comply with detention requirements set forth by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In fact, he has instead created a massive catch-and-release scheme. Illegals are released without any mechanisms to ensure appearances before an immigration court – and those court dates are as late as 2031 in many cases.

“Mayorkas has also abused the parole process at our border. The INA permits parole to be granted “only on a case-by-case basis,” temporarily, and “for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit,” yet Mayorkas has created or expanded multiple parole programs never authorized by Congress, enabling millions of illegals to enter the United States without authorization.

“The Secretary has overseen an invasion across our borders, allowing a massive influx of fentanyl and other drugs, human trafficking controlled by the cartels, and a total of over 8.3 million illegal entries to date. He has lied to Congress and dismantled successful border policy that has led to the crisis we have today.

“The long-term effect of this crisis will be felt by every person in this country, and Mayorkas must be held accountable – I am disappointed that this impeachment was not unanimously supported and that justice was not served.”