High school girls softball becomes a reality in Wyoming

The first season will be in Spring 2021 but details have yet to be pounded out

High school girls softball is now a reality in Wyoming, after the Wyoming High School Activities Association voted on Tuesday in favor of making girls softball a sanctioned sport — and Rock Springs lead the way. (Rock Springs Girls Softball League photo)

By Ann Jantz, wyo4news.com

Wyoming high school girls softball will have its first season in Springs 2021. (Rock Springs Girls Softball League photo)

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (Nov. 8, 2019) — After the Wyoming High School Activities Association tallied the vote Tuesday, it was official: Girls softball is now a state high school sanctioned sport.

Nobody could be more happy about the outcome than Heather Anderson, who along with other members of the Rock Springs Girls Softball League worked with Sweetwater County School District No. 1 to make the dream a reality.

SD #1 in fact posted the very first vote in the state in favor of high school softball. So Tuesday’s vote is especially satisfying.



“We’re so excited. We’ve been working on this a very long time,” Anderson told Wyo4News on Friday. “It’s great the girls will have the opportunity to be recognized by the schools.”

Now the softball players have a season to look forward to. Softball games will begin in Spring 2021. Anderson said schools will have to build a program, so the first softball season will probably consist of junior varsity and varsity teams. As the sport builds, that may change, she noted.

In the state, there are currently 11 schools signed on to begin that first season, with three more pending. Anderson said schools have until January to let the WHSAA know whether they wish to field a team or not.

Ashley Anderson throw in a pitch during league play. Girls softball is now a high school sanctioned sport in Wyoming. (Amber Muir photo)

In the meantime, Anderson will begin working with Rock Springs High School to hash out what needs to be done. She said the local league already has a lot of equipment — such as pitching machines and other related equipment — that the school can use.

“We’re willing to help out with what we can,” Anderson said.


Rock Springs currently has about 120 girls who compete in the softball league. According to Anderson, the younger girls’ season will remain the same; the older girls may see an extended summer season, but essentially, league play will remain the same.

Details about the first season have not yet been discussed by the WHSAA and it still unclear what that first season will look like.

But Anderson knows one thing for sure: the girls are ready to take the field.