Highlights of Monday’s Zoom airport report


Jena Doak, [email protected]

Sweetwater County, Wyoming — During a Zoom meeting Monday, Devon Brubaker, Director of Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport, discussed the ways that airports promote growth and prosperity in their communities, as well as other topics concerning the air service industry.


Brubaker stressed that when a community is not utilizing it’s airport services, that community may face economic repercussions. If a community prefers other options than flying out of their local airport, economic growth in the area is negatively impacted. If planes fly out, then they can return with visitors. However, if the planes are not flying out, the community will see less tourism.

“With a community like ours, it is really no different,” said Brubaker in an interview with Wyo4News on Tuesday. “When we don’t support the airport as residents and local businesses, when we don’t utilize the services that are offered by our airline partners, it creates a challenge. If we don’t support it with our own business, it makes it harder to be available for visitors and families and other businesses to fly in because the service may not be available if we don’t take care of it on our own.”

Brubaker also talked about the different ongoing construction projects occurring at Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport.

Among other industries, progress on construction has been interrupted by supply chain shortages. A snow removal equipment building is one example. That construction has been plagued by electrical and mechanical equipment supply chain shortages.

This snow removal equipment building will be a new 24,000 square foot facility that will allow them to keep the equipment inside a conditioned building, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration. It will be bigger than what is there now, and will have a central maintenance bay to help maintain the equipment.

Brubaker discussed general industry challenges with pilot shortages, and how the shortages affect air service throughout the country. He also talked about the impact on Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

More information about these topics of discussion can be obtained by referring to the complete Zoom meeting.