Historic B-17G and B-25J aircrafts to land in Rock Springs


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Emma Marsing, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING — Back once again, the historic B-17G Flying Fortress and B-25J Mitchell are landing in Rock Springs for the community to learn about, view, fly in, and enjoy.

The B-17 Bombers were first introduced in 1938 during World War II, by three companies Boeing, Vega, and Douglas. After producing over 12,731, they officially retired the aircraft in 1968 at the conclusion of World War II. The B-17G Flying Fortress was produced in November 1944 and is one of the five B-17s that continues to fly to multiple states around the country to show its glory.

Overall the B-17 Bombers were designed for daylight precision, advancing many unescorted bombing missions within Europe during World War II. At the conclusion of World War II, the military used the bombers for photo-mapping, atmospheric nuclear weapon testing drone control, fighting forest fires, as well as other things initiated by the military or to help the civilians.

Another aircraft set to land within Rock Springs is the B-25J Mitchell. Created by North American Aviation, the B-25J Bomber was created in 1941 and flew during the course of World War II. Over the course of the war the North American Aviation created a total of 9,984 bombers and officially retired them in 1979.

As told by the Commemorative Air Force – Airbase Arizona, “The B-25J Mitchell was named after General Billy Mitchell, a famous Army Air Corps general of the 1920s and 1930s. It proved to be one of the best weapons and was possibly the most versatile aircraft of WWII. Heavily armed, it was utilized for high- and low-level bombing, strafing, photo-reconnaissance, and submarine patrol.”

Once the war had ended, there were only a few hundred. B-25J’s that remained. These bombers provided a variety of training, reconnaissance, and support roles within the military. It is also noted that they served civilians including utility, transport, fire-fighting, and agriculture duties.

The Flying Legends of Victory Tour will be landing with the B-17G Flying Fortress on June 8th and will be here till the 11th, whereas, the B-25J Mitchell will be landing June 6th and will be in town till the 11th. To view the aircraft or take a flight, visit the link here.