Lady Wolves win Thursday’s home swim meet against Lander


Tyler Johnson
[email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (September 24, 2020) — The Green River Lady Wolves came out on top in a swim meet they hosted Thursday at the GRHS Aquatic Center against the Lander Tigers.  The Lady Wolves won the team competition by compiling 114.5 points. Lander finished with 71.5.

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Here are the top three individual and relay results:

200 Medley Relay: 1. Green River ‘A’ (L. Jensen, H. Uhrig, B. Uhrig, L. Munoz), 2. Lander ‘A’ (K. McPherson, L. Duncan, A. Reid, S. McMahon), 3. Lander ‘B’ (J. Johnson, J. Bautz, M. Flint, K. Brinda)

200 Freestyle: 1. Ashlon Koch (L), 2. Courtney Clark (GR), 3.

200 IM: 1. Emily Anderson (L), 2. Brianna Uhrig (GR), 3. Amaya Spartz (GR)

50 Freestyle: 1. Lillyan Hamilton (L), 2. Lilly Munoz (GR), 3. Lauren Lee (GR)

1 Meter Diving: 1. Zella Maez (GR), 2. Olive Roberts (GR), 3. Kaili Wadsworth (GR)

100 Butterfly: 1. Ashlon Koch (L), 2. Lauren Jensen (GR), 3. Asha Reid (L)

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100 Freestyle: 1. Lillyan Hamilton (L), 2. Lauren Lee (GR), 3. Katelyn Brinda (L)

500 Freestyle: 1. Courtney Clark (GR), 2. Amaya Spartz (GR), 3. Emilee Barnes (GR)

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. Green River ‘A’ (H. Uhrig, C. Clark, A. Spartz, L. Lee), 2. Lander ‘A’ (L. Hamilton, S. McMahon, E. Anderson, A. Koch), 3. Green River ‘B’ (B. Uhrig, C. Rubeck, M. Moffat, E. Barnes)

100 Backstroke: 1. Lauren Jensen (GR), 2. Kristen McPherson (L), 3. Asha Reid (L)

100 Breaststroke: 1. Brianna Uhrig (GR), 2. Hailey Uhrig (GR), 3. Lainy Duncan (L)

400 Freestyle: 1. Green River ‘A’ (C. Clark, A. Spartz, L. Munoz, L. Jensen), 2. Lander ‘A’ (L. Hamilton, E. Anderson, L. Duncan, A. Koch), 3. Lander ‘B’ (A. Reid, K. McPherson, M. Flint, J. Johnson)

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