Local Mayors give thanks prior to celebrating “turkey day”


Rock Spring Mayor Tim Kaumo and Green River Mayor Pete Rust

Jena Doak, [email protected]

November 24, 2021 — As Thanksgiving approaches, many people ponder thankfulness. Wyo4News took the question of thankfulness to local leaders — specifically, Green River Mayor Pete Rust and Rock Springs Mayor Timothy Kaumo.

“I think in the age of COVID, it would be terribly irresponsible to not be thankful for our healthcare workers. They do an amazing job under very difficult circumstances,” Green River Mayor Pete Rust said. “That goes for our emergency providers, too — all of those who have worked so hard to keep us safe and healthy during the COVID pandemic. I am very thankful for them, and I think we owe them a huge shoutout.”


Rust is also thankful for being Green River’s Mayor, and as such, having the ability to help the community.

“I am very thankful to be put in that position,” Rust said. “Not everybody is able to do that.”

Personally, Rust expressed gratitude for his wife, sons, and grandchildren; and for good health, without which, a person cannot do much.

Rock Springs Mayor Timothy Kaumo resounded some of the same responses.

“With all the craziness the past two years, I am grateful for the quality of healthcare providers we have in our community,” Kaumo said. “I think, hands down, those folks have been under a lot of pressure, and so I’m very thankful for them.”

Kaumo also expressed thankfulness for the community, and for all the good people that live in it.

Personally, Kaumo is very grateful for his family.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to get together and remember all the positive things in our lives,” Kaumo said. “When we have been subjected to a lot of negative the last couple of years, it’s good to know that we have important things in our lives, which we can push forward with.”

Both mayors agreed on one more thing: that together, with goodness, kindness, and compassion, the community can rise above tumult, and continue to make the it a better place.