Wanted played the fourth show for the Concert in the Park series


Wyo4News photo of Wanted band members Al, Tracy, and Steve

Rock Springs- Last night the band, Wanted, performed the fourth show for the Concert in the Park. Concerts in the Park happen every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at Bunning Park, and they are free to attend. Wanted has a long history, and has been around for roughly 10 years. The band has seen a few members come and go, but currently, the members include; lead guitarist and vocalist Al, vocalist and percussionist Tracy, bass player and vocalist Steve, and drummer Mike. While Steve and Al have been playing together for a long time, Mike joined only a few years ago, and Tracy just joined at the beginning of the year.

When asked what she has learned from performing Tracy stated, “For me, it is the energy of the crowd, if they are really enjoying the music, it really drives your performance.” One of the craziest things that the band has seen while playing actually happened at Bunning Park during a really windy day. A group of people were sitting at a picnic table, and seconds after getting up, a huge tree branch fell right onto the table. It could have been a lot worse had the concert-goers stayed a few more seconds. A funny memory the band has happened in Pinedale where the venue was so small that they had to set up the drums on a pool table.


Wyo4News photo of Wanted drummer Mike

In the future, Wanted is going to be playing on August 16th at the Brown Bag Concert series. “We also play weekly in Al’s basement,” Tracy joked. Mike wanted to thank a few different people stating, “We really appreciate people coming out to support the local music scene. We also appreciate the City and all of the vendors who make this possible. With everything that happened with Covid, it is just so nice to have something that feels normal like this.”