Wyoming is the 17th most expensive state for household bills


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Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Wyoming- A recent report released by doxoInsights called the 2022 State by State Bill Pay Market showed that Wyoming is the 17th most expensive state for household bills.


On average residents of Wyoming spend around $2,022 per month on the ten most common household bills, which is one percent higher than the national average of $2,003 per month. The cost in Rock Springs is even higher than that at $2,073 per month which is two and a half percent higher than Wyoming’s average and three and a half percent more than the national average. Because of this, Rock Springs is considered the 4th most expensive city in Wyoming for household bills.

The most expensive city for Household bills in Wyoming is Cheyenne at $2,812 a month and the least was Laramie at $1,641 a month. The average mortgage payment for Wyoming is $1,267 a month and the average rent payment was $860 a month. Other utilities on the report included auto loans, utilities, auto insurance, and mobile phone payments. To view the full report state by state visit doxo’s website.