Local Programs Receive Donations From Tata Chemicals


SWEETWATER COUNTY — Tata Chemicals, with the coordination of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility program Director David Young and Supervisor Tyler Keck presented generous donations to two local programs during the Christmas holiday. They met with Rev. Dr. Bernadine Craft, Executive Director of Sweetwater BOCES and Create a Christmas founder, and Sandy DaRif, Veteran Service Coordinator for Volunteers of America of  Southwest Wyoming.

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Rev. Dr. Bernadine Craft, Executive Director of Sweetwater BOCES and “Create a Christmas” founder, was presented with a donation of $2,000 to the “Create a Christmas” program, as well as a number of movie passes for children.

“Create a Christmas”, provides Christmas to those children who have “slipped through the cracks” for any number of reasons, and who will receive no Christmas other than that provided by this program.

The program operates under the auspices of “Eileen’s Attic” Episcopal Thrift Shop, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, and “Able Hands.”   Many members of the Sweetwater County community join together to provide gifts, Christmas trees, decorations, and Christmas dinner for families who find themselves down on their luck and in need during this festive time of year.

These individuals buy gifts for the children and receive only the child’s first name, age, sex, sizes, and the child’s Christmas wishes and needs.

The Episcopal Thrift Shop operating under “Holy Communion Ministries” is, as a 501c3 entity, capable of receiving monetary donations and providing receipts upon request.

Able Hands, under the direction of Max Mickelson, is the collection and distribution entity for the Christmas gifts.  It takes a village to make this happen for children of Sweetwater County.

“Create a Christmas” began in 1991, and has steadily grown over the years; last year Christmas was provided for over 300 children who otherwise would have had no Christmas.

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Sandy DaRif of Volunteers of America (VOA) and the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program received gift cards donated by the TATA workers themselves to give to veterans in need.

On Veterans Day TATA Chemicals Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program saluted veterans and collected donations from their employees to support veterans.

The total of this donation day totaled $2,800. VOA received this generous gift to assist local veterans with food, rent, utilities and other needed assistance in Sweetwater and Uinta Counties.

This SSVF veteran’s program, houses, and assists in the prevention of evictions of homeless or those veterans who are at risk of becoming homeless, and supply many other resources to veterans and their families.

The money will be used to help local veterans who are low income and in need of assistance with food, housing, utility bills, phone cards, transportation and anything they might need.

TATA Chemicals also is responsible for creating and supporting the TATA Food Pantry at the office of Volunteers of American located at 79 Winston, Suite 136 at the Gateway building.

CSR focuses on providing help to the disadvantaged in Sweetwater and Uinta counties through the hard work of its dedicated employees and community partners. CSR provides support for early education and awareness programs, STEM initiatives, veterans, early childhood development, high school and college programs, career mentoring, low-income families, children, elderly and many others.