Matthew Majhanovich Sentenced For Delivery Charge


A Rock Springs man was recently sentenced for Delivery of Methamphetamine as he waits for ten other felony counts to be resolved.

Matthew Majhanovich, 34 of Rock Springs, was sentenced today by Judge Nena James to 10 to 13 years imprisonment for Delivery of a Controlled Substance—Methamphetamine. Majhanovich was found guilty of the crime by a jury on April 4, 2017.

Prosecutor Lora Cooper asked Judge James for a sentence of 12 to 18 years imprisonment, citing an extensive criminal history. Cooper told Judge James that she did not believe probation was appropriate because Majhanovich has a history of violating probation and parole requirements. Cooper also argued that Majhanovich does not admit that he has a drug problem and has shown no remorse nor taken responsibility for his actions.

Public Defender Carla Riley asked the judge to consider probation to allow a clinician’s recommendation that he get a mental evaluation and for Majhanovich to undergo a high intensity level of treatment followed by outpatient treatment. She argued there could be a long period of probation with long underlying sentence if he doesn’t comply with probation terms.

In addition, Riley said a long prison term would not be appropriate because Majhanovich had no prior delivery charges, and this crime included only about two grams of methamphetamine.

Matthew Majhanovich addressed the court during the hearing. He said he fully admits that he has a drug problem which has negatively impacted his life. He said every time he has had trouble with the law, drugs were the reason.

“I know I haven’t been a law-abiding citizen by any means. I know I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life,” Majhanovich said through tears. “But the point is, I’m sick of hurting people around me. I’m sick of putting my family through this.”

Majhanovich asked Judge James to consider a lighter prison term in order for him to seek help for his drug addiction if she found imprisonment to be appropriate.

“I’ve lost so much of my life already because of my own actions,” he said.

Judge James said she did not feel probation was appropriate given Majhanovich’s extensive criminal history. James said in all her years on the bench she has never seen a criminal history spanning 17 or 18 pages as his does. In addition, the history is filled with multiple failed probations.

Majhanovich was sentenced to 10 to 13 years imprisonment and ordered to pay $295 in fees.

In addition to the recent conviction, Majhanovich faces charges for 10 more felonies and four misdemeanors with cases before four different judges in Sweetwater County.

Pending charges include misdemeanor counts of Possession of Controlled Substance-Heroin, Criminal Contempt, Possession of Controlled Substance-Meth, and Probation Revocation for Obtaining Property by False Pretenses.

Pending felony charges include: Escape from Official Detention, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Accessory After the Fact-Robbery, another count of Delivery of Methamphetamine, three counts of Forgery, Accessory Before the Fact-Burglary, Accessory Before the Fact-Theft, and Conspiracy to Commit Theft.

Trials for the pending charges have been tentatively set for May.